The Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) appreciates Nigerians especially the Labour unions on the role they played to return the country to democracy from many years of military dictatorship, the tipping point being June 12 1993.
We look back today with mixed feelings as we remember people that paid the ultimate price for our freedom, while also celebrating our collective effort and resilience.
Though, we have made little progress in the country since our return to democracy in 1999, we definitely have a long way to go to achieve real democracy in the way we conduct our elections and in governance.
The country certainly should be more prosperous given the abundant human and natural resources available to us.
It is our hope that as the Nation celebrates democracy today, we all take time to reflect on where we are coming from to understand where we ought to be and where are going to.

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Comrade Ndukaku Ohaeri

Engr. Michael N. Ohaeri is an energetic and performance-driven leader reputed for his overtly process-ingrained personality with zero tolerance for short cuts and all forms of subversion. He is a motivated professional and certified Engineer, with over 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry.

An experienced Central Working Committee (CWC) and National Executive Council (NEC) member of PENGASSAN, Comrade Engr. Ohaeri has served in many ad-hoc and special Committees of the Association including the highly revered Ethics and Grievance Disciplinary Committee (EGDC) of PENGASSAN.

His leadership style makes him a rallying point at both the Union and place of work, a balancing factor that provides a convergence between productivity and performance not just in PENGASSAN, but also in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry.

He brought far reaching reforms to the practice of Industrial Relations during his time as the National Industrial Relations Officer from June 2014 – August 2019. He is reputed to have the ability to maintain the delicate balance between Union Members expectations and the goals of Employers and/or Government.